WEBINAR RECORDING – The NLRB, Tribal Sovereignty & Workplace Posters


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Indian nation gaming facilities and other enterprises must decide by April 30, 2012 whether to post the NLRB's workplace poster on employees' rights under the NLRA.  In announcing the rule, the NLRB states, "The Board asserts jurisdiction over the commercial enterprises owned and operated by Indian tribes, even if they are located on a tribal reservation."  Other federal agencies have similar posting requirements, but don't mention tribes.
  • What should tribes do?
  • What is the state of the law with respect to the NLRB's asserted jurisdiction in Indian country?
  • What are the risks of failing to put up NLRB, DOL, or EEOC posters?
These and other issues are explored with lawyers and consultants who have on-the-ground experience in dealing with these questions for Indian nation clients. The Indian Nations Labor and Employment Group address these and other important issues surrounding workplace posters in Indian country in this webinar.  Attendees will come away with a clear picture of their options and "best practices" in this complicated area.  Presenters Dan Rose, Ann Chapman and Kaighn Smith Jr. will provide practical advice for anyone dealing with these issues.

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