New Hampshire Special Education Law, 1st Edition, 2018


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For the first time, everything you ever needed to know about special education law for the State of New Hampshire is here in one place. This book should truly be on the shelf of every practitioner who has anything to do with special education in New Hampshire. Here, Feltes and Herlan address all the ins and outs of this complicated area of law. Administrators and teachers alike will want this valuable resource at their fingertips. New Hampshire Special Education Law includes chapters addressing:
  • Who is responsible for students with disabilities
  • Discipline standards for Special Education and Regular Education
  • Court involvement and children with disabilities
  • The IEP team process
  • Student eligibility
  • All elements of delivering appropriate programming
  • Least restrictive programming
  • New Hampshire truancy laws and special education
  • State Bullying laws
  • Restraint and Seclusion
  • Due process
  • Section 504 and the ADA
An ideal book for New Hampshire school law and special education courses.

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