Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country


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Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country provides a comprehensive overview of the law governing labor and employment relations in Indian country. This is a growing, controversial, and complex area of law, implicating fundamental principles of tribal sovereignty at every turn. It is a must read for anyone involved in Indian affairs today. The author, Drummond Woodsum attorney, Kaighn Smith Jr., represents Indian tribes in tribal, state, and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. He and his colleagues at Drummond Woodsum's Indian Nations Labor and Employment Group have assisted tribes in enacting, implementing, and defending some of the first comprehensive labor and employment laws in Indian country. Drummond Woodsum serves Indian nations in all aspects of litigation, labor relations, and economic development.
Editorial Reviews “A tour de force! Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country is so comprehensive-including detailed discussions of the federal civil rights and employment statutes, the different approaches of the various federal circuit courts on many issues, and all the Supreme Court cases touching on the bounds of federal/state/tribal relations. . . . Anyone who deals with Indian tribes in business matters needs to know about this important field of law.”

Professor Robert Anderson University of Washington School of Law Co-Editor of Felix Cohen’s Handbook on Federal Indian Law

“Indian country long has hungered for practical advice on how to modernize tribal governments, how to effectively assert tribal sovereignty, and how to forestall outsider influences on tribal business. Kaighn Smith’s guide to labor law in Indian country is a dramatic step in the right direction, with solid legal analysis coupled with cutting-edge recommendations for tribal leaders and attorneys. This work is a rare breath of fresh air in an era of deep judicial and political skepticism about Native nations.”

Matthew L.M. Fletcher Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Indigenous Law & Policy Center Michigan State University

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