Drummond Woodsum’s 504 Management System for Schools, 3rd Edition, 2019


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Stop worrying about 504! Introducing the newly updated, definitive, soup-to-nuts 504 Management System that answers all of your questions in addressing the needs of 504 students with disabilities.  Plus, it provides you with all the updated 504 forms you need!
Have you revised your 504 system to meet all the new ADA/504 requirements? This valuable tool provides everything you need in one package. Be ready for any 504 request, meeting, policy question, and even a visit from the Office for Civil Rights. Why piece together a 504 system yourself, when it's all here in this manual? An incredible value!
The 504 Management System includes:
  • An easy-to-read 504 handbook for parents, students and staff that you can modify and adapt for your school;
  • Sample policies and procedures;
  • Sample notices, including notices of parent/student rights and procedural safeguards;
  • Detailed 504 Team procedures;
  • An easy-to-follow 504 process flowchart;
  • Sample 504 forms – referral forms, eligibility checklists, 504 plans, and more;
  • Revised in-depth guidance on 504 legal requirements and practical tips for school personnel, including administrators, 504 Team Chairs, school nurses, and even coaches;
  • All of the forms in the bound manual are also available to you in an electronic PDF format so you can easily  adapt, fill in, and print the forms for your own school system (please e-mail our Marketing Team at marketing@dwmlaw.com for the electronic forms);
  • And so much more!
The 504 Management System has been specially designed by nationally renowned disability law experts from Drummond Woodsum, one of the largest school law firms in the U.S.  It address all your 504 needs, and provides you with all the forms, policies, notices and information necessary to an effective, and compliant 504 system. Why wait!

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