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Friday 28 October/2016
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Impressive product and arrived very quickly!

-Jodi of North Dakota

Quite useful to the district and staff responsible for Section 504 planning and implementation. This is true from a District-wide perspective and well as at the local school level.

-Jennifer of New Hampshire

The forms in this manual are worth the price! We started using them the day we received the package. Recommend highly.

-Jerry of Texas

I would like more info/ forms etc. re: transfer (from other districts and out of state 504's.

-Mitch of Maine

We have used the system for forms and referance materials. We use the system on an as-needed basis.

-Fred of Maine

It is very easy to use and well organized! Thank you!

-Holly of Maine

I like the forms but am unable to type on them because the lines move or are eliminated, everything has to be hand written and does not look as professional.

-Deborah of Maine

Very helpful resource... would appreciate additional guidance on sharing the digital documents with staff.

-kelley of Maine

Very good and well received by our staff. Only issue we have had is the useability of the forms....

-Deb of Maine

The 504 Management System has been a great time-saver and assures accuracy. A great product.

-Roger of Maine

This system is outstanding. Love the fact that updates were made so that we just had to click on a box.

Jeremie Sirois
York High School

-Jeremie of Maine

This system is excellent--it has organized our 504 process throughout the district. Thank you

-Ellen of Maine

I was able to take the material just as it was received in my office and put it into a handbook which is pretty much self-explanatory and user friendly.

-Melvin of Maine

I found this to be very helpful in organizing all forms in one place. This has been very useful. I feel confident that I have all of the required information on each form now. The handbook is well organized and each section provides useful information. I really like the flow chart and parent handbook sections also!

-I rene of Maine

My only concern is that the forms still seem difficult to type in. It may be a Mac issue. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

-Clarissa of Maine

I am very impressed by how thorough this manual is, as well as its ease of use. I know it will prove to be well worth the money. Thank you.

-Lisa of Maine

The formatting of the forms made them difficult to use. I actually retyped as word document so I could use them more easily. Content of forms hit all required areas so I would rate that a little higher than a 3. We only use the long version of the eligibility form as reference but use the short form for files and for parents to review.

-Linda Wark of Maine

Drummond Woodsum always provides us with clear and complete information. It's great to have the forms that can be personalized for our district and then are ready to go; the information for parents is a bonus.

-Susan Worcester of Maine

I have already the opportunity to use the forms created in this program and have found them to be extremely useful and easy to use. Everything I have needed was included in the binder. I love it when someone else has done most of the work for me!

-Marianne of Maine

We purchased this not sure of its usefulness to us, but have been very pleased with how many times we've turned to it as a resource.

-Kim of New Jersey

extremely informational, much appreciated model forms available for our use.

-donna of Maine

A perfect solution to a complicated situation.

-Carla of Minnesota

This publication is just what I've been looking for. Everything in one place, and downloadable and customizable files to boot!

-Andy of Maine

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