Restraint and Seclusion: An Expanded Video Review for School Staff


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Ripped from Today’s Headlines!

Schools are coming under increased scrutiny regarding restraint and seclusion practices, with newspapers and advocacy groups investigating compliance, and the state legislature undertaking additional review.

Given this increased focus on this area of the law, we have elaborated on our previous video summary of the restraint and seclusion rules, creating a one hour video on the topic. This new video gives a detailed summary of the rules, but also addresses most of the issues that have found their way into the headlines and are being considered by the Legislature. Schools are required to provide training to staff on the legal requirements of Chapter 33. We recommend this new, expanded version of the law and its subtleties as the best way to ensure compliance and provide staff with a solid understanding of the legal requirements.

This video is available for streaming for one year, throughout the year, on a schedule you determine.

And all for just $375. It truly is a must!

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