Superintendent Collective Bargaining Workshop: Keeping the Train on the Tracks

Live Event
Date: 11 / 09 / 2018
Time: 8:30am to 11:30am

Primary Attendee


Primary Attendee



Drummond Woodsum, in partnership with MSMA, invites you to attend a three-hour collective bargaining workshop exclusively for superintendents. This workshop is designed for both new and experienced superintendents and will address the unique role of the superintendent in collective bargaining with the school district’s unionized staff. Collective bargaining takes place between the school board and the bargaining agent of its employees; however, school boards often to their superintendent to guide them through the process to a successful conclusion. This workshop will cover many of the challenges that superintendents encounter when preparing for negotiations. We will cover the legal framework of collective bargaining, including the rights and responsibilities of the school board and school administrators; how best to prepare for negotiations; realistic goal setting with school boards and contract costings; and best practices regarding board communications and board relations.
Topics include:
  • Legal framework of collective bargaining, including the role of the Superintendent
  • Realistic goal setting with school board members
  • Communications and consensus building with your school board throughout the negotiations process
  • Use of data and other forms of information to aide in the formulation of bargaining proposals and decision making
  • Spread sheet models for costing out and staying on top of economic proposals and contract costs
  • Strategies for keeping negotiations on track

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