Maine School Business Officials 7th Annual Law Conference - ZOOM Edition

Live Event
Date: 10 / 09 / 2020
Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

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Our school finance and labor attorneys will discuss the topics below.

Questions and comments from attendees will be encouraged.

  • Covid related tax compliance

This session will help school finance officials navigate through the numerous new IRS compliance issues related to the coronavirus.  Topics will include and overview of the various employment tax incentives available to public school districts, including a review of how to claim any such employment tax incentives on IRS quarterly Form 941.  We will also discuss recent changes to 403(b) and 457 plans school districts offering such plans need to be aware of, and more.

  • Guidance on New Issues in Employment Laws

This segment will cover new and important changes to employment laws that school administrators should be aware of, including COVID-19 related paid leave laws and information contained in the regulations to Maine’s Earned Paid Leave law.

  • Responding to budgetary pressures during COVID

Discussion of the following topics:

    • Contingency planning for state and/or local tax revenue shortfalls
    • Student residency and financial impacts
    • Use of cash flow borrowing for school districts
    • Expanding statutory cost center transfer authority
    • Amendments expanding reserve fund authority
    • Responding to state curtailments
    • Responding to municipal demands to curtail expenditures
    • School district enforcement of member assessments
    • Borrowing in a low interest rate environment
  • Q&A Sessions - a.k.a. “Stump the Chump!”

Our attorneys will field questions regarding any topics concerning business managers.


Come join us via Zoom for a half day of professional development and updates on the law as it applies to Maine school business officials.

Who Should Attend?

✓ Business Managers

✓ Principals

✓ Superintendents

✓ Primary Benefits Professionals

✓ Anyone responsible for the business aspects of a school administration unit


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