Collective Bargaining for School Board Members

Live Event
Date: 12 / 06 / 2019
Time: 8:30am to 2:30pm (Registration at 8:00 am)

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Primary Attendee


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DON’T MISS THIS HANDS-ON, ONE-DAY WORKSHOP to prepare superintendents, business managers and school board negotiators for the challenges of collective bargaining. Your bargaining team will come away with practical guidance you can take to the bargaining table!

  • Legal framework of collective bargaining in schools and recent changes to the law
  • How to prepare for negotiations
  • How to draft proposals and counter-proposals and assess their impact
  • Costing out economic proposals
  • Identifying good and bad contract language
  • Understanding the subjects of bargaining – what you can and cannot legally bargain over
  • Traditional and problem solving approaches to negotiations and an explanation of which might be right for you
  • Hot topics, including discussion of the MEA’s statewide initiatives, examples of contract language around the state that have proven helpful to schools, and language that has proved troublesome and should be avoided.

Learn strategies for success at the bargaining table and tips on how to discourage bad behavior from the unions

Gain knowledge of legal bargaining requirements

Receive practical training in the bargaining process

Attendees will participate in and learn from actual bargaining exercises

Get answers to your questions!

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