Affirmative Action and Beyond: Affirmative Action Officers and Addressing Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying

Live Event
Date: 09 / 21 / 2017
Time: 8:55am to 2:30pm (Registration at 8:30am)

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Complaints of discrimination, harassment and bullying in school continue to rise across the state and the country. This program, led by Drummond Woodsum attorneys Melissa Hewey and Allen Kropp, is designed to provide Affirmative Action Officers, Title IX Coordinators and other administrators charged with addressing harassment or bullying with the critical information and skills they need to respond effectively to these complaints.  In addition to reviewing the requirements imposed on schools under applicable federal and state laws and regulations, we will provide practical hands-on instruction on all aspects of an appropriate response. This practical workshop is designed to teach and reinforce the skills needed to address the broad range of harassment issues facing schools today. Workshop topics will include:
  • Legal requirements:
    • The role of the School Affirmative Action Officer and of the Title IX Coordinator
    • Title IX and sexual harassment – the state of the law and where it may be headed
    • The school’s obligations when complaints are made, or discrimination or harassment is suspected
  • Investigations:
    • How to structure and perform an effective investigation
    • How to document the investigation and write a report
    • How to develop and implement “prompt effective remedial measures”
  • How to train school staff
  • Managing challenging issues such as: victim requests for confidentiality, FERPA restrictions, concurrent criminal investigations, off-campus harassment, and many others

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