Advanced FLSA: Beyond the Basics

Live Event
Date: 08 / 18 / 2017
Time: 8:30am to 2:30pm (Registration at 8:30 a.m.)
Presenter(s): Michael L. Buescher,

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What You Really Need to Know About Applying Wage and Hour Laws in Real Life Situations

Wage-and-hours claims are some of the most common and costly employment-related claims employers face. Every pay decision has the potential for employer liability. This advanced workshop will go beyond simply explaining minimum wage and overtime obligations and will focus on their real-life application and areas where school employers frequently get themselves into trouble. Difficulties employers face with state wage and hour laws and regulations will also be addressed. The program will be structured as a combination lecture-format and small-group participation. Participants will be asked to review and dissect job descriptions, identify the questions pertaining to exemption issues, and critically analyze exemption status and other pay issues. 
Topics include:
  • Exemptions from overtime;
  • Deductions from the salary of exempt employees;
  • Common exemption issues for educational technicians, coaches, nurses and program directors;
  • Employees performing both exempt and non-exempt work;
  • Part-time employees who otherwise perform exempt work;
  • Employees employed at two or more rates;
  • Calculating "hours worked" and the "regular rate" for overtime purposes;
  • Traps of pay schedules commonly used by school employers;
  • Identifying FLSA issues in collective bargaining;
  • Strategies to avoid wage and hour claims; and
  • Interaction of Maine wage and hour laws with FLSA.
Who should attend? This workshop is designed specifically for superintendents, human resource professionals, business managers, payroll clerks, and any school administrators or staff involved in pay administration or development.

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