2020 School Law Institute

Live Event
Date: 07 / 07 / 2020
Time: 8:00am to 2:00pm










About the Institute

The School Law Institute is renowned as the most rewarding, useful and enjoyable school law course for educators in Maine. Taught by distinguished Drummond Woodsum school attorneys who have decades of experience both practicing and teaching school law, the four-day Institute distills from the vast body of education statutes and court decisions the knowledge that educators most need to perform their jobs effectively and to recognize and prevent legal problems before they arise.

The Institute is challenging and engaging, and with a limited number of students, there are ample opportunities for participation in a friendly, supportive environment. Because it is an intense and consuming learning experience, we strongly encourage participants to stay on campus to gain the full benefit of interacting with the instructors and their colleagues. If you are considering commuting, bear in mind that the class starts early each day and continues until after 7:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Earn 4.5 C.E.U.s Over 3.5 Days

The Maine Department of Education has approved the Institute to fulfill the requirement for a course on special education law for purposes of administrator certification. Whether you need a course to satisfy a requirement, are looking for an update or simply have an interest in school law, the course will meet your needs. The course will also qualify for C.E.U.s from UMO for a small fee payable by check on the first day of the Institute.

(Note: Although the Institute provides certification and recertification credits, it is not affiliated with a college or university and does not provide graduate school credits)


Need Help?

Contact Donna Swiderek (dswiderek@schoollaw.com) if you have any questions at all.

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