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Wednesday 26 October/2016

These links are updated regularly to bring you interesting news and information from around the country. You'll find links to important school-related news stories, summaries of recent federal, state and Supreme Court cases involving education and other items of importance to educators.

Newspaper/Magazine Articles

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Homeless Students: Schools Can Provide Stability (American School Board Journal)

District Practices Encourage Teacher Absenteeism (AASA)

Online Learning Fills Void in Nations Coping with SARS (Education Week)

Confidential Superintendent Searches (AASA)

NYC Principal Trainer Cites Crippling Bureaucracy (New York Times)

GOP Acts to Remake Headstart Program (Washington Post)

Separating Free Speech from Church v. State Debate Can Be Tricky (American School Board Journal)

States Cut Test Standards to Avoid Sanctions (New York Times)

Recent Court Cases Concerning Public Schools

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COSA: New School Law Developments by Topic

Recent Reports and Information of Interest to Educators

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Federal Statute on Military Recruiter Access to Student Data

NCES Report: The Condition of Education, 2003

NCES Report: The Condition of America\'s Public School Facilities, 1999

Education Week: Who Should Teach? State Efforts to Recruit, Screen, Retain Competent Teachers

NCES: Public School Expenditures 1998-1999

Education Week: The Changing Face of Education, Five-Part Report

Report: America\'s Children, 2001

NCES Report: Digest of Education Statistics, 2001

Education Week Issues: Class Size Reductions Bringing Mixed Results

NCES Report: Teachers\' Use of Technology

FBI Report - The School Shooter, A Threat Assessment Perspective

NCES Report:Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2000

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